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TDS Overview


Tubular Data Systems is the most unique piece of OCTG management software in the industry!

TDS® (Tubular Data Systems) is a specialty inventory control and “business process software” for the storage, handling, inspection, and reporting of OCTG (oil country tubular goods) materials, designed specifically for the oil and gas industry.


Described by clients and evaluators as “the most feature laden product they have ever seen,” TDS® is different than other software products because it was developed by pipe people and not by administrative personnel. Our people have actually been responsible for the day-to-day operations of pipe yards and service companies. The point is, you don’t have to teach us the business. TDS® products are built “FOR pipe people, BY pipe people.”


Scan Systems consistently invests in R&D to ensure continuous module development for their industry leading software to address customer’s needs as they arise. The inspection work order module and billing modules are the latest responses to these needs. The latest features include


  • A web app that allows customers to log in from anywhere to check the  current status of good inventory ready for shipping to the well site
  • Real-time tracking of OCTG inventory movement and changes that have taken place
  • Track work order progress and pipe status
  • Create invoices from completed work orders
  • Create invoices for shipping and receiving transactions
  • Create shipping and receiving documentation
  • Extensive filtering and reporting capabilities
  • Availability throughout the United States and Canada
  • What started years ago as an OCTG inventory control software for our own pipe yards, has progressed to multiple modules that tie to inventory allowing for creation of work orders, and billing of those work orders as they come to completion.


As an OCTG Inventory Control software vendor of choice for both large public corporations, private corporation and smaller operations all over the oil patch, our team has proven to be a reliable, dedicated partner to the industry.


TDS - Inventory Module


Complex and sophisticated enough to deal with the every changing descriptions and locations of OCTG inventory, yet simple and intuitive enough for the first time yard personnel to operate in a manner that keeps your inventory correct and accounted for!


The business process that Tubular Data Systems offers is almost like having an OCTG inventory consultant on staff. The Tubular Data Systems Inventory Module was not designed just to track the numbers, but instead was designed to help implement the proper flow of an OCTG at a storage or service facility.

Included with the virtual consultant, is an inventory control system that addresses most every need for those in our niche industry.


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Work Order Module


Keeping track of pipe on the ground is complicated enough, but our business becomes more complex for the service companies. An efficient operation must not only keep track of the pipe on the ground, but must also know the amount of pipe yet to be received for that purchase order issued from their clients. Such an operation would also need to keep close tabs on how much of that order is in process, complete or waiting to be serviced. The Tubular Data Systems Work Order Module allows our customers to get real time information on the status of each work order entered into the system.


The work order creation process is quick and designed specifically around OCTG services. Add work order items (pipe) through customizable dropdown description for the pipe expected to arrive in the facility. Define the orders by footage or joint count. Add the services offered by your facility and requested by your client to the order. Have a standard package or group of services that is regularly offered by your company, we make that efficient as well through the creation of service groups for added flexibility. Define your acceptance criteria, and your employees are ready to go to work on what really counts…production!


As Scan Systems Corporation was born out of the inspection world, we are well in tune with the reporting requirements of your customers. With an array of reports from work order summary reports, defect reports, production and tally reports, Tubular Data Systems has you covered.


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Billing Module


The billing module will truly take the headache out of creating the service invoices for your customers. As all the information is gathered from the work order created, a proper and correct invoice can be issued in seconds. Line item discounts can be accommodated, along with customer based discounts that will automatically be calculated when generating an invoice for those key customers.


If your company operates in a ‘Trust, but verify” philosophy as well, Tubular Data Systems has an integrated invoice approval method that will allow up to four different verification levels.


The price book feature will offer your company the option to create a price book for each service, with an option for different rates based on regular hours, overtime hours or holidays. Tax calculations, we handle those as well!


We all know land is not cheap, so our billing module will allow for the creation of storage invoices for the completed pipe on the ground. With just a few clicks of a mouse, those storage invoices are calculated and generated by pulling data from both the inventory and work order modules.


Want to keep track of the revenue generated from each profit center, Tubular Data Systems Billing Module will track and report on the service area profitability as well. We can even monitor credit risk for each of you customers.


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Key Benefits


  •  All data is current (with-in minutes of the physical actions).
  •  All data entry is monitored by TDS and is perpetually audited for accuracy.
  •  All data and reports are accurate up to and including the time they are printed (not yesterday's data).
  •  Customer’s questions can be answered quicker, and with more reliable information for your customer (by almost anyone in the company).
  •  Operations have access to when and where material is coming or going. They can monitor the shipping and receiving activity up to the minute.
  • TDS Maintains Control Tables for accurate and consistent data
  • No unacceptable answers can be given to TDS. If it really matters, TDS offers help and assists in choosing the correct entry
  •  When TDS is utilized correctly it requires fewer people to do a better job
  •  Few if any functions require repeating so labor is greatly reduced


TDS Applications


  • OCTG Inspection Companies
  • OCTG Threaders
  • OCTG Heat Treatment
  • OCTG Processors
  • OCTG Trucking and Transportation
  • OCTG Storage Facilities
  • Coupling Manufactures
  • Distributors

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